Ways to Streamline Board Admin Duties

streamline board admin duties

Last week, we talked about being grateful for various colleagues in the boardroom, and board admins were at the very top of that list.

The role of the admin used to be burdened by an excessive amount of preparation: gathering materials, organizing information, printing, distributing, making edits, reprinting, and redistributing.

Today, thanks to board management software, your board admin’s full plate of responsibilities just got way more manageable. Check out some ways to streamline board admin duties below

Gathering & Organizing Materials

Boards admins are tasked with collecting reports from various departments in order to provide board members with an overall picture of the company’s current situation. Although the computer age has simplified this process through the advent of digital documents, board portal software has provided a centralized space for that information.

Rather than waiting until all the information has been assembled, admins can begin the agenda organizing process as soon as they have the first piece of data.

The process continues as more data and reports make their way to the admin, who can easily drop them into a digital agenda with accompanying PDF documents.

Printing & Distributing

Once the agenda is ready to go, admins using board of directors software don’t have to spend a second of their time fighting battles with a printer, nor do they have to do any old-fashioned stamping and mailing. Instead, they can simply click a button that alerts board members that the agenda and information for their upcoming meeting is ready to be viewed.

Because this process is so quick and easy, board members typically have more time to study the reports prior to meetings, and they don’t have to worry about losing any paper documents—something that could potentially lead to a breech in company privacy.

Last Minute Edits 

So, you’ve pushed the agenda and coordinating documents to board members, but a department head comes to you frantically with last minute edits to a report—what now? This is the sort of scenario that can make any admin miserable, especially if it means printing out new data and making sure every board member gets the most accurate info in a timely manner.

With board of directors software, though, this becomes a minimally intrusive occurrence. Admins can simply replace the old data report with the new one and send out an alert letting board members know about the change. If board members have already reviewed the entire set of documents, they can easily click to the one that has been edited and catch up accordingly.

It’s time to leave the inefficient boardroom processes of the past behind, so board admins spend less time stapling board packets and more time ensuring that board members have the most up to date information in the most timely manner.


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