The Value of Marketing Expertise on Your Board

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The Publication

Journal of Marketing

The Study

When and How Board Members with Marketing Experience Facilitate Firm Growth

The Research


Research is supported by data, experimentation, and observations rather than relying on the discussion of theory or analysis of existing research.

The Set-Up

This study examines aims to answer two questions:

  • Does having more board members with marketing expertise affect a firm’s growth?
  • If so, under which conditions is their influence muted or magnified?

The Takeaways

Researchers found that having board members with marketing experience increases the growth of a firm. The study goes into more detail on exactly how their presence on the board influences growth, but found that their influence was muted far more often than it was magnified. The authors suggest that this is because (1) board members with marketing expertise are often a minority with regard to board composition, and (2) many board members tended not to fully recognize the value of marketing—often stifling valuable insights.


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The Source

WHITLER, K. A., KRAUSE, R., & LEHMANN, D. R. (2018). When and How Board Members with Marketing Experience Facilitate Firm Growth. Journal of Marketing.

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