How to Run Effective Remote Board Meetings

Effective Remote Board Meetings

Ideally, every member of your board can be present at each meeting you schedule. Real world responsibilities often get in the way of that goal, though.

Many directors serve on multiple boards, travel for work, or run companies of their own.

In some instances, joining a meeting remotely is the best that can be done. So how do you maximize the experience in order to get the most effective results from remote board meetings?

First, double-check your local laws regarding remote board meetings

Most states in the U.S. allow the practice as long as all members of the board can hear everything that is spoken and respond in real-time.

Utilize board management software

Holding an effective remote meeting without board software would be nearly impossible. Not only does the software allow remote members to follow along with any last-minute changes to the agenda or reports, it also allows members to vote in present time with their peers.

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Invest in quality audio technology and screen sharing

If your remote member can’t adequately follow along with the discussion that is happening during the meeting, they’ll be unable to participate to the best of their ability. Incorporating screen sharing is helpful, too, but could be unnecessary if you employ the use of board management software.

Actively engage with remote members during the meeting

Hopefully, your remote members will be able to hear clearly enough that they can jump into conversation at natural times. Because they will inevitably miss some of the non-verbal information during the meeting, though, it’s a good idea to pause every now and then to make sure they don’t have any questions or comments and that they feel up to par on the discussion at hand.

Think of it as trying to offer equal speaking time to every director the same way you would if everyone was present.

Remote meetings don’t have to be a drag or a drain on your in-meeting time. It just takes good planning, great support equipment, and a dedication to engaging every single member.

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