The Value of Simple Board Meeting Software

The Internet is chock-full of articles about simplifying your life. You’ll find essays about how de-cluttering your desk helps “de-clutter” your mind. You’ll read pitches for minimalistic approaches to everything: home design, graphic design, software design, and more.
simple board meeting software

And you’re bound to come across a list (or twenty) of steps you can take to streamline your day in order to buy more time.

The people writing these articles must be on to something, right? It makes sense that simplifying your life would lead to less stress and more time for you to live in the moment.

So how does that roll over into your business practices? And more specifically, how can you live more simply as an executive who serves on a board of directors?

At Directorpoint, simplicity plays a major role in everything we do. We believe in simple pricing. We are proud of our product’s easy to understand and intuitive nature. Plus, we really enjoy helping each of our clients streamline processes for their board of directors.

Here are some ways that Directorpoint can add value to your organization through simplification:

Communication is centralized

Yes, we live in a world full of phone calls, emails, snail mail, in-person meetings, video chats, and so much more. This accounts for a whole lot of doubling and tripling up on the communications front, which invariably leads to wasted time and effort.

But with Directorpoint, your board has a unique hub where all of these various touch points can coalesce in a single location. You can post a meeting on the calendar, send off a private message to a fellow board member, and take notes on your meeting materials all in one place! Not to mention, you don’t have to wait for the latest version of your board packet because it will already be waiting on you.

No printing means less stress and fewer costs

The corporate world is going paperless at every turn, and the boardroom is no different. With Directorpoint, admins can breathe easy if they need to tweak a board book or add an extra section. There’s no need to re-print or re-bind anything. You can easily log in and make those changes digitally. Not to mention, your company would probably love to spend less time and money on printing.

Interactive agendas encourage staying on task

We know that getting through your meeting’s agenda isn’t always an easy undertaking, so we’ve done our best to help simplify it. When you click a particular agenda item in Directorpoint, you’ll automatically be presented with the documents that are associated with it.

Plus, using a digital agenda instead of the old paper method keeps you more aware of how many items you have left to address and helps motivate board members to keep discussions moving forward.

We agree with all the experts: simplification is good and beneficial to individuals as well as organizations. Schedule a demo with us today, so we can help simplify your board meetings with our board of directors software!

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