Avoiding the Board Book Headache

If you’ve ever served on a board of directors, chances are good that you have a lot of experience reading and interacting with board books, which are also known as board packets. They have long existed as the centerpiece of a board of directors meeting.

Typically, these books contain all of the information that board members will need for the meeting at hand, which usually translates to printing an excessive amount of documents—a practice that is continually growing out of date for these reasons and more:

It’s not environmentally friendly or cost effective

For most large-sized organizations, printing board books means spending thousands of dollars on printing supplies and reams of paper.

It’s time consuming

Board books are typically created by an assortment of individuals at any given organization. Oftentimes, the books are broken up by department, which means that getting the proper version printed (on time), organized, and delivered can take up some serious man-hours.

It doesn’t allow for easy corrections or updates

We live in a digital age where executives are accustomed to instant gratification when it comes to making edits and receiving the most up to date information. Printed board books make that a near impossibility. Last minute changes ultimately cause distractions rather than clarity.

The good news is that there’s a solution for the problems that printing a traditional board book presents! With our board portal software, the board book becomes a live online document—one that’s easy to add to, to edit, and to share with board members instantaneously.

Not only can last minute changes be made effortlessly, board members can also access the information online or through our app from practically any location. Gone are the days of last minute board book mailings or the annoyance of multiple document versions. Schedule a demo with us today, so we can show you how quickly Directorpoint can revolutionize your board of directors meetings.

Look out for our next blog post, which will tell you more about how each individual board member can interact with the digital board book!

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