Boardroom Spring Cleaning

While some of our neighbors to the north are still dealing with the occasional snow flurry, down here in Birmingham we’re settling into a lovely spring. The flowers are blooming, the sunshine is splendid, and it’s just the right time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning.
boardroom spring cleaning

While you’re on a cleaning kick, why not transfer some of that energy into your boardroom? No, we’re not talking about vacuuming the carpets or dusting the shelves: we’re talking about sparking efficiency and productivity!

Now is a great time to organize some of your board operations and make the move towards a tidier board experience overall. Here’s our step-by-step spring cleaning guide:

Clean up your communications

Let’s start with the issue that’s nearest and dearest to our Directorpoint heart: simplified and streamlined communications. Currently, your board of directors might connect via any number of methods: email, hard copy mail, phone calls, txts, and more. What if you could incorporate all of those touch points into a single, easy to understand hub?

Well, the great news is that you can!

Directorpoint is a one-stop shop for board management. With our software, board members can view board packets, engage in votes, check their board calendar, utilize a digital agenda, reach out to fellow members individually or in committees, and so much more. Over the last few decades, the boardroom has become weighed down by communication coming from any number of directions.

It’s time to make technology work FOR the board member, and we’re here to help your board do exactly that.

Get rid of the stuff you’re not using

Figuring out what’s taking up space in your boardroom is a lot tougher than figuring out which clothes in your closet have fallen out of your favor. So what kind of “junk” can you toss aside in order to spend more time focused on your company goals? Start by taking a good hard look at your current board processes. Do they look the same as they did 10 years ago?

Take some time to analyze each aspect, whether it’s the way your agenda is laid out or the sort of departmental reports you’re reviewing each quarter—ask whether they’re really benefitting your board operations, or are they just lingering in your boardroom out of habit?

Dust off your latest committee reports

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of progress can come from committee work. In fact, the bulk of board work already happens in committees, so it makes sense when Trusteeship Magazine writes that a “board should design and implement an infrastructure that serves its needs and those of the institution it represents as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

Make the most out of your small group time by organizing them in a way that encourages emotional engagement.

Open the windows and air the place out

It’s easy to get bogged down in the yearly boardroom checklist. Consider livening up your boardroom or holding your board meeting in a new and exciting location that will stimulate all of your members’ creative senses. Sometimes, all it takes to find a fresh perspective is getting people to step outside of their routines and comfort zones.

Good luck with your boardroom spring cleaning! And if you’re interested in tackling step #1, contact us today to schedule a quick demo!

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