The Dangers of Sending Board Documents Via Email

The Dangers of Sending Board Documents Via Email

Thanks to a leaked board document via email that was originally sent in May of this year, the world is now aware of 14 different companies that Salesforce was considering for acquisition.

The email, which came from former Secretary of State and current Salesforce board member Colin Powell, also included a 60-slide presentation detailing these potential acquisitions.

This isn’t the first time that a high-powered board member’s email has been targeted. Emails between the CEO of Snapchat and his board members were leaked back in 2014—some of which were considered highly embarrassing for the very young founder and CEO. In 2013, a Google board member’s email account was also hacked.

There are many more examples in recent years.

It’s safe to say that sending important board documents via email isn’t a smart option anymore. Hackers have grown increasingly more malicious and capable of intercepting private documents. That’s why using secure software to communicate with other corporate directors and to file share is of the utmost importance for safe board management in the 21st century.

It’s also why our board management software comes with our dedication to outstanding security. Don’t let your company get stuck in the next email leak headline. Schedule a demo with us today, so we can show you what secure communications look like.

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