Directorpoint Feature Spotlight: Historical Information

Research suggests that outstanding leaders allocate time for reflection. As organizational leaders, it is important for board members to reflect on organizational progress, to revisit successes, and to learn from mistakes.
historical software feature

Proper reflection requires reviewing historical records and comparing expectations with outcomes. For instance: did we hire the right executive and compensate them appropriately, did we achieve the strategic objectives, and did we implement the right policies and controls?

Boards relying on binders and PDFs hinder reflection by making it more challenging for board members to reference historical information. For example, if a board member is interested in reviewing previous meeting minutes or analyzing year-over-year comparisons, they will often need to contact the board secretary and request a copy of the materials.

The additional steps and time required to acquire historical information inhibit all but the most determined board members. That’s where one of Directorpoint’s most valuable features comes in: anytime access to historical events and information.

When utilizing Directorpoint, past meetings AND associated board packets are saved until the administrator decides to remove them. That means board members can access materials anytime, anywhere. Board members can quickly and easily do things like reference historical projections while reviewing current reports, access the strategic plan while analyzing budget forecasts, or look at a specific policy while reviewing an audit report.

The unprecedented visibility Directorpoint provides board members into essential organizational information is invaluable and significantly elevates their ability to effectively govern.

This is just one of the many ways that board of director software can revolutionize the effectiveness of your board.

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