Free Access For Board Members’ Assistants!

By Caity JohnsonCaity Johnson

At Directorpoint we constantly seek innovative ways to improve board communication and access to key information. Granting free accounts for board member’s assistants is one such innovation we are particularly excited to introduce.

Although the vast majority of our clients use the Directorpoint mobile app to access information, we have many clients that rely on their assistants to print materials from Directorpoint before a meeting, add new events to their calendar, and respond to surveys, votes, and discussions.

We have learned from thousands of sales calls and demonstrations that executive assistant access is almost always an afterthought when choosing board portal software. Sadly, some software vendors view this oversight as an opportunity to up-sell after the ink is dry on a new contract. In contrast, we have always viewed administrative assistants as a vital conduit for effective board member communication, and have gladly provided free licenses for assistants upon request. For example, Directorpoint recently granted 20 free licenses to the national board for the American Heart Association for their board member’s assistants, which resulted not only in greater cost savings, but also in a strong initial adoption rate by their board members.

Once we realized granting free assistant licenses truly enhances board effectiveness and engagement, we decided we needed to integrate that feature into our software as soon as possible. Now we are pleased to announce that any Directorpoint board member can easily grant access to their assistant.

To be clear, we define a board member’s assistant as an individual providing direct administrative support to a board member that uses Directorpoint. The board member’s assistant will be able to receive the same notifications and view the same information as the board member they support. This role is distinct from and should not be confused with the Board Admin role, which is assigned to one or more individuals able to edit board members and information.

To link an assistant to a board member follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to the website at
  • Click My Account in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Fill out the Executive Assistant form (see below) and check the box next to “Grant Access to Account.”

 Executive Assistant Form:

Executive Assistant Form


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