Updates to Directorpoint Website and iPad App

At Directorpoint, one of our top priorities is to always provide tools that enable boards to be more effective and progressive. We know this means they need to have quick access to important information and be able to act on it.

We are constantly looking for tools and features that will allow the board experience to be more collaborative, and we always listen to the feedback our users provide.

This is why we are offering several updates to our website and our iPad app. All updates are available today.

Updates to the website include:

  1. Vote tool
  2. Survey tool
  3. Discussion tool

Updates to the app include:

  1. Shared files view that will allow clients to view files in folders, such as orientation materials, policy manuals, press releases, etc.
  2. The app will now allow hyperlinks directly from board book documents.
  3. Users will be able to see their own profile in the directory view
  4. New “Email All Members” feature

If you would like to schedule a tutorial on any of these new features please email service@directorpoint.com.

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