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John Peinhardt Bio Photo

John Peinhardt

With the 2010 release of the Apple iPad, Birmingham, Alabama-based, entrepreneur, John Peinhardt recognized an opportunity to enhance, streamline, and revolutionize board of director communications and processes.

The timing was perfect.  The confluence of a global transition to cloud-based software; the iPad’s popularity, ease of use, portability, and security; and the rapidly increasing number of tech-savvy board members drove Directorpoint’s instant adoption and rapid growth.

In 2011, John Peinhardt raised capital and established a board of directors; including, 35-year management consultant and President of Vantage Associates, Inc., Brent Peinhardt, former Colonial Properties Trust CFO, Howard Nelson, long-time entrepreneur and CEO of Graco Resources Inc., Stan Graves, and Directorpoint LLC Vice President, Ellen Glasgow.

Directorpoint LLC incorporated in 2012 with a vision of becoming the premier board of directors software and services company.  By the summer of 2012, Directorpoint’s beta release, with its intuitive design and simple licensing structure, had garnered such high interest that the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees sought to partner with the company.  The University System’s international reach and considerable resources provided Directorpoint a tremendous competitive advantage.

Today Directorpoint is used by thousands globally and continues to invest heavily in maintaining its position as the world’s most intuitive and innovative board of directors software.