What devices work with Directorpoint?

Directorpoint works with any internet-connected device; including Microsoft, Apple, and Android devices.  Directorpoint can be accessed via directorpoint.com or one of the mobile apps.


Does Directorpoint include two-factor authentication?

Yes. Two-factor authentication is included and can be enabled in the Settings page.


Can documents be viewed offline?

Yes.  Documents can be viewed online and offline.


Does Directorpoint offer 24/7 customer service?

Yes.  The customer service department is available 24/7.


Does Directorpoint limit the number of members per group?

No.  Directorpoint allows unlimited members per account.


Does Directorpoint limit the number of committees per group?

No.  Directorpoint allows unlimited committees and subcommittees.


Does Directorpoint limit data storage?

No.  Directorpoint allows unlimited data storage.


Does Directorpoint allow Administrators to control user permissions and designate roles?

Yes.  Directorpoint allows Administrators to control member access, roles, and granular viewing permissions.


Can members see files and information belonging to groups other than their own?

No.  Members can only see files and information related to the groups to which they belong.


Are notes private?

Yes. Notes are private and can only be viewed by the note taker.


Is the mobile app password protected?

Yes.  The mobile app requires the member’s Directorpoint log in information to gain access.


Can users transfer files from the Directorpoint iPad app to other apps like iBooks?

No.  Users cannot transfer files from the Directorpoint app to other apps like iBooks.


Can groups other than boards of directors use Directorpoint?

Yes.  Directorpoint can benefit any group that needs a simple, secure, online collaboration space.  Directorpoint is used by various groups ranging from legal teams to marketing departments.


Is member data secure?

Yes.  Directorpoint ensures strong physical, application, and mobile security.  Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.  Administrators can easily control user access and can archive, delete, or schedule automatic data removal.