Writing a Strong Charter for Your Committee

A key objective of any board of directors is making the most effective decisions as efficiently as possible. But the subjects and problems boards are asked to weigh in on are complex and often require a broad range of expertise to properly address. Committees help ensure each item receives a fair amount of discussion and consideration. Most boards require a formal charter be written before a new committee can be created. Let’s take a closer look at how to write a great committee charter and the role they play in governance.

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An audit committee member examines an organization's finances.

What do Board Members Need to Know About Audit Committees?

Audits can be a headache for any organization. For banks and other companies in heavily-regulated industries, audits can quickly eat up a disproportionate amount of a board’s time and focus. Chartering a specialized committee can ease the headache of routine audits. So let’s take a closer look at everything your board needs to know about audit committees.

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